Totto is one of the main organizers of JavaZone, one of the largest Java conferences anywhere, and president of javaBin, a JUG with one of the largest rosters worldwide. In this interview, Totto tells us what it takes to organize and run a conference with 2,300 attendees... all thanks to 17,000 hours volunteered by around 50 Java professionals, not including the speakers themselves. Playback time: 6'24" -- click here if you can't see the video. Totto describes the lifecycle of a JUG: getting the group going and growing it to around 60 members is the easy part. That number is the inflection point where JUGs can die... or shoot up in membership numbers. Consistent leadership, sticking to a regular schedule, and maintaining a high level of participation are key. The Oslo javaBin, for example, has over 1,500 regular members. JavaZone featured over 120 speakers; most presentations are already posted on-line. At least half the presenters were Norwegian, and about 70% of the presentations are in English, available for review and download. Rule of thumb: if a session description is in English, it's likely that the presentation is as well. Many presentations are also available as podcasts. What is your JUG like? How do you measure success? What is your advise for those wanting to start a JUG? Watch other Tech Briefs