TSS Video: Christian Bauer on JBoss Seam


News: TSS Video: Christian Bauer on JBoss Seam

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    Building on the standard JavaServer Faces and EJB 3.0, JBoss Seam unifies component and programming models and delivers a consistent and powerful framework for rapid creation of web applications with Java EE 5.0. In this presentation, recorded at the recent Grails Exchange event in London, organized by Skills Matter, Christian Bauer discusses how JBoss Seam simplifies the handling of stateful conversations, multi-window operations and concurrent, fine-grained Ajax requests. He also shows how Seam unifies and integrates popular open source technologies like Facelets, Hibernate, jBPM, Drools, Groovy, iText and Lucene. Click here to learn more about Seam 2.0, which was released this week. Also, in the coming weeks, TSS will be posting more exclusive presentations from Grails Exchange 2007, including: Jeff Brown on Groovy for Java Programmers Graeme Rocher on the Grails Plugin Architecutre Paul Fremantle on making SOA Groovy Watch other Tech Briefs
  2. The slides can be found here: http://in.relation.to/Bloggers/SeamPresentationVideo
  3. Chris, never knew your voice was deep :) Best regard, Richard L. Burton III
  4. Cool that you post here such video presentations!
  5. Never imagined Christian like that :)
  6. Cool![ Go to top ]

    Thanks for a really nice presentation :) I knew most of the stuff you told about, but it was cool to hear/see it once again from you. Besides it was somehow really entertaining :)
  7. Hi, Thanks for that nice presentation. I wrote a step-by-step screencast tutorial to make Seam development as RAD - Rapid Application Development with Eclipse and Tomcat, focussing on developer productivity. http://techieexchange.wordpress.com/2007/11/11/rad-seam-development-with-eclipse-and-tomcat-step-by-step-tutorial-screencast/