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    I'm interested in what is traditionally billed as a Content Management System (CMS). I'm looking at products such as Alfresco, Liferay and Lenya. What I'm finding is that CMS packages are generally provided as all-in-one web applications with everything from HTML back to the database, and this is not what I want at all. My application isn't even HTML based (it is a client/server app with a Flash-based client). What I'm looking for is a set of Java APIs that I can incorporate into my server environment, rather than a set of web pages. Perhaps the best way to describe what I'm looking for is to say I want a library that can store and retrieve data at a higher level than even a sophisticated ORM tool, but at a lower level than a traditional CMS solution. I realize that many of the full featured products have Java APIs internally, but I'm put off by having to take it upon myself to break them up and install just the components I want, and concerned that whatever solution I finally arrive at won't be supported or upgradeable. Can anyone suggest the most appropriate product for my needs? Thanks, Frank

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    Look at for example solutions.
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    try the java content repository api (JCR) even has an implementation here
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    Checkout JCR reference implementation