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    I am currently involve in a web application development. So far we are just using Java Beans, servlet, jsp and jdbc. We found that the perfomance is lower than our expectation and thus now try to move to EJB architecture. Here is my question: is it easy to transform what we have written in servlet and Java Beans to EJB?

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      I think it really depends on the existing system architecture such as what Java Bean components work. I think that would require some works because you will need to do the mapping for the Entity Bean (depends). Also put the business logic to the Session Bean.

    have fun

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    I don't think you can gain performance from shifting your javabean to EJB container. If you're seeking for performance, try to look into your servlet and javabean, most of the time, it's an implementation issue.
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    Hi again, thanks for all the suggestions. My team is using webshpere application server. We are using a server of Pentium III 700 MHz with 512 MB RAM. I found out that the server is always busy even is just a few requests to the server. That is the main reason of the performance degradation. Maybe it is the setting problem. Any suggestion?
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    In my view, moving to EJBs is not the silver bullet you are looking for. In fact, for your configuration, you are more likely to go backwards!

    As per previous suggestion, relook at your class design, do profiling to find out what is chewing up the most resources. Look to do pooling, caching etc wherever you can.


    Chor Hock Lee