We included HTML code from Sitemeter on the ProdigyFish IT Initiative to monitor hits and watch where interest in the project lies around the globe. It's been exciting. We received almost 1000 hits the first day and slowly the hits have slowed. We have, however, registered 7 mentors to help less experienced Java developers. These mentors speak English but live in different countries. Here's a list of our new mentors:
  • Pin Koh
  • Alejandro Scandroli (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Srinivasa Rao Kandula (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Gurkan Erdogdu
  • David Medinets (Virginia, United States)
  • David Hernandez
  • Joe Hubert
  • Vijay (India)
Thanks for the help, TheServerSide.com Keep watching this project, and cheer on our growth. And, by all means check out the SiteMeter image on the bottom of the page. You can see where all of the TSS readers live around our interesting Earth. http://www.prodigyfish.com