Boost your teamwork for FREE with TeamCity 3.0


News: Boost your teamwork for FREE with TeamCity 3.0

  1. Boost your teamwork for FREE with TeamCity 3.0 (2 messages)

    Small and medium-size Java and .NET development teams can now benefit from TeamCity’s completely redesigned licensing scheme which makes its innovative productivity- and quality-enhancing features available at no cost. Two editions, Professional (free) and Enterprise, are now available to meet the specific needs of smaller and larger teams and projects. The free Professional edition provides three build agents, twenty user accounts, and twenty configurations. Additional build agents can be purchased if necessary, but large installations will still be interested in the Enterprise edition. The Enterprise edition has no limits on user accounts or configurations, and adds per-project roles as well as LDAP authentication. With its continuous integration and build management capabilities, TeamCity 3.0 delivers superior automation and coordination of key collaborative processes, eliminating manual systems and delays. It is tightly integrated with IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, version control systems, and multiple build & test tools and features real-time unit test reports, server-side inspections, and code coverage analysis. The key new features of this release include:
    • Per-project access rights with project roles – an exclusive feature of the Enterprise edition
    • Build statistics charts, with declarative pluggable charts for user-defined metrics
    • StarTeam version control support
    • Java Inspections and Duplicates for Maven2 projects (in addition to IntelliJ IDEA projects)
    • Version Control labeling for Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, ClearCase
    • “Hanging? builds auto-detection and thread dump capturing, for quick feedback on Java builds’ problems
    • Display of build start/finish estimations in the build queue
    • Build tags for organizing and quickly filtering builds
    If your projects also cover .NET development, we’ve got a number of improvements for you as well. Please visit the links below for additional details. TeamCity home & overview: Read more about new features in TeamCity 3.0: Play with TeamCity Live Demo: Download your free Professional edition:
  2. Cool, one of the greatest news one would hear after waking up in the morning. I wish they do the same for their masterpiece and delight the world with a community edition of IDEA. I'm dreaming of that day and the effect it will have in development history.
  3. Congratulations to JetBrains team! TeamCity is a great product with strong feature set and out-of-the-box build-grid capabilities. The new licensing scheme is definitely a step in the right direction and I am sure the community will jump on it right away. Keep up the good work! Regards, Dmitriy Setrakyan GridGain - Grid Computing Made Simple