Article: Using DWR with TIBCO General Interface


News: Article: Using DWR with TIBCO General Interface

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    "Using DWR with TIBCO General Interface," by DWR author Joe Walker, walks through three examples integrating TIBCO's General Interface with Direct Web Remoting. It shows how DWR provides remote access to Java classes, and shows how General Interface can create an interactive rich client, through three examples, including the source code available on the web.

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  2. Nice article. I would love to use it on my project. Our applications have to be 508 compliant. Is GI 508 compliant. Are any of the Ajax components 508 compliant. I presume the screen readers cannot handle partial refresh of the screen.
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    I'm not sure that it's possible to say that any toolkit, including GI is 508 compliant - only a *website* (which may be built with a toolkit) can be 508 compliant. DWR does contain some tools to help you create 508 compliant websites. It has a system of notifiers to allow you to alert screen readers to visual changes, where the notifier can be altered depending on the disability in question.
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    Section 508 is indeed a complex issue for web application; especially when take Ajax into consideration. It is more a guideline rather than a standard to follow. No one can really just claim that they are Section 508 compliant since there is no explicit standard yet. We have been doing research on this topic. Here is our effort that you might be interested: ZK's Section 508 Compliance and ZK ARIA ( Accessible Rich Internet Applications) Project Guideline /henri The ZK Team
  5. hani suleiman - where is he these days?? we need some comments from hani.