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News: Blandware AtLeap 0.54 Released

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    Blandware AtLeap is a free Java multilingual CMS (Content Management System) with full-text search engine. Blandware AtLeap is a framework which allows you to rapidly start your own web application, and it is freely available under the Apache Software License. AtLeap 0.54 has the following changes: * Added third language state: disabled (allows to hide language for editors preserving content for this language). * Added new entity: sequence. It's placed on a Localizable along with fields and can be used to create ordered lists of links to pages or content resources which exist in application. * Added ability to move and delete folders of Content Resources and Content Pages. * Added ability to create content resources directly from corresponding browser window. * Added ability to completely disable statistics collection (statistics.enabled build property) * Added indexing of documents in formats of OpenOffice 1.0 / StarOffice 6.0 and OpenOffice 2.0. * Updated editors: FCKEditor to 2.5.1 version, TinyMCE to 2.1.3 version. * Most features are working in Opera 9.5+ and Safari 3.0+ browsers. * Fixed bugs and added some other small features. Read more about Blandware AtLeap at project's site and in its presentation "Blandware AtLeap Introduction."

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  2. Andrey, How does AtLeap compare to OpenCMS? Raymundo
  3. AtLeap more flexible[ Go to top ]

    AtLeap is more flexible than OpenCMS. You can even modify the content on the pages with data from DBMS.
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    Is it support user defined workflow? Ali Raza