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    2008 is here, so it might be worthwhile to find out what was requested most by TSS readers from 2007. Interesting results: the most popular news item was a free book download on Jakarta Struts from SourceBeat - covering Struts 1. The most popular news items:
    1. Free Book Download: Jakarta-Struts Live - from 2004!
    2. Google Guice, A Java Dependency Injection Framework
    3. Do You Know How to Optimize Your JVM? Video Tech Brief
    4. Why most large-scale Web sites are not written in Java
    5. Tutorial: Developing Your First Spring Web Application, also from 2004
    6. Getting Started With JasperReports, from 2005
    7. How do you become an architect?
    8. Assessing the Survivors of the Java IDE Wars
    9. Vincent Partington: Top 10 Java EE performance problems
    10. Differences between Struts and JSF?
    It's an interesting list - and considering the popularity of some older posts, it's clear that people are interested in technologies with a few miles on them. The only "new" technology featured in the top 10 news posts was Guice, at #2. Granted, a list of "posts read most" is skewed towards older posts, but it's worth considering nonetheless. Now, the top 10 articles from TSS in 2007:
    1. Introduction to the Spring Framework - no surprise here. Spring must be popular! (Yes, humor is intended there.)
    2. Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 - a free book download.
    3. Jakarta Struts Live - the SourceBeat Struts Live book download, also news item #1 from 2007.
    4. Introduction to the Spring Framework 2.5 - a revision to the Introduction to Spring that came in at #1. Spring must be popular!
    5. J2EE Artichect's Handbook, another fairly old post
    Interesting, indeed. So - what conclusions would you draw from the top ten news items and top five articles from TSS in 2007?

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  2. My conclusions are: 1) Struts isn't as dead as many posters here espouse 2) Spring is as popular as many posters here espouse 3) Google Java apps have some traction 4) EJB 3.0 wasn't dead-on-arrival 5) TSS readers love a flame-war John Murray Sobetech
  3. Do I get a prize?[ Go to top ]

    Wow. The number one download is a book I wrote in 2004. It was the very end of 2004 and I still liked Struts very much. BTW The number 2 hottest thread was posted by me as well: Not bad for a guy who participates about every six months or so.