Django on Jython is "almost there"


News: Django on Jython is "almost there"

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    Tim Bray has pointed out a note from Jim Baker: Django on Jython is almost there. It can run! There's still more work to do, as Mr. Baker points out, but Django is likely to serve Jython in the same way Rails serves JRuby: the "killer application" that allows people to adopt Jython without regret. Django is described as "a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design." In a lot of ways, it sounds exactly like Rails, providing the same sort of "define a model, get an application out of it," although it defines the model in Python rather than in a database. Jython - a JVM-based version of Python - is coming along. Considering how easy Python is to learn, this could be a great way to spread the JVM even further than it goes now. Congrats to the Jython and Django guys - we hope to see more soon!

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    The JRuby implementation and Netbeans 6 Ruby/JRuby support is a good example of how Sun (Tim Bray's company) can engage in dynamic language development for the JVM echo-system. I wish Sun would do the same for Jython/Python, I'm particularly disappointed of the lack of any support for Jython/Python in the new NetBeans platform (Netbeans 6). I think Sun can benefit a lot from engaging the wonderful Python community by lending a hand in the core Jython development and in pushing for Python/Jython support in the wonderful Netbeans IDE.
  3. Too late, Grails already does it[ Go to top ]

    Why would I need Django when I can have Grails with Groovy? Except for the sake of python maybe.
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    Why would I need Django when I can have Grails with Groovy?

    Except for the sake of python maybe. ;)
  5. Does this mean that the Jython String support no longer leaks memory like a sieve? This "feature" made Jython a bad choice for server side apps in general. BTW I dig Jython and hope it gets a lot of support too.
  6. We love django. We love python. It'll be very interesting when we're able to run it in the JVM.
  7. Python and Java share the same principals of code explicitness and community process. Sun should show its love for Python/Jython and its wonderful community. Support Jython and make Netbeans 6.0 a wonderful IDE for Python/Jython as you did for Ruby/JRuby.
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    i remember long ago when i was interested in python, sometime ago python was a lot more popular it was cleaner than perl also newer and fresher .. plus ruby wasn't there yet! i do believe now that ruby is the new python. over the crown of the de-facto scripting language, i believe the more interesting competition will be between ruby and groovy.