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  1. Text outside of jsp-file treated (executed) as jsp (3 messages)

    Im am trying to find a way to execute a block of text as if it where jsp-content (tags and scriptlets mixed with content). Are there any api for this in the jee pack? Regards //Claes L
  2. Can you explain your prblm with little more clear.I think you want execute a part of jsp code ?,If yes then you use open source webserver API.Google it,to find your answer
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    I am intending to use jsp as a report engine. The 'templates' should be jsp-code stored in the db, loaded and executed as if they where inside a plain jsp-file in the application. I cannot write new files on the file system since this is prohibited on the production env - so I would like to compile and execute the jsp-code directly in memory. Was hoping this could be done with the jee standard stack.
  4. See for example Eval taglib: http://www.servletsuite.com/servlets/evaltag.htm in Coldtags suite