Querying GigaSpaces with a JDBC adapter


News: Querying GigaSpaces with a JDBC adapter

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    In "Querying GigaSpaces with a JDBC adapter," Owen Taylor explains how to use OpenSpaces to receive a notification when data matches a JDBC-like selection query. What’s so cool about this is that the article seems quite short – mostly because the API is marvelously simple once you see it. Great stuff!
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    I wanted to clear up any confusion the title might provoke... GigaSpacesXAP does have a JDBC driver that supports the querying of the space to get result sets. If you wish to get many data points returned as one object (ie a ResultSet) - then you can use that facility. For detailed documentation on GigaSpaces JDBC support see the following page: http://www.gigaspaces.com/wiki/display/GS6/JDBC+-+6.0 The example I wrote uses OpenSpaces and the SQL syntax to both 1) setup a stream of continuous updates of Objects 2) retrieve copies of matching Objects that exist in the space It therefore differs from JDBC in most ways except for the syntax of the "where clause". I hope that clears up any misconceptions the title may have caused. Cheers, Owen.