Tired of hearing everything that Ruby on Rails has to offer ? If you're a Java developer, Darryl West's blog contains a few points on making Ruby on Rails an afterthought, achieving the same productivity gains touted by Ruby on Rails, all while staying inside Java's domain.
After spending a few years really enjoying Rails it was difficult to bring myself to even try groovy and grails. But my latest contract forced me to look for alternatives, and I'm glad I did. Here are some reasons that you may want to switch... 1. GORM with hibernate/spring and jpa is much better than ActiveRecord 2. No distribution problems; runs in many production ready containers 3. Internationalization out of the box (not specifically ignored as DHH does) 4. Transactions actually work, and they include save-points. 5. Not only dynamic finders and counters, but dynamic listOrderBy 6. No green threads (although this may be fixed in Ruby 2.0, around 2010?) 7. Ability to use pessimistic locking out of the box 8. Real-live prepared statements and .withCriteria method 9. Production level test reporting with built in Mocking and Stubbing 10. Search operations are based on Lucene (with a plugin) All of these don't make sense for a non-java coder. And my startup time for grails would have be much longer without my prior experience with Rails and Ruby.
Read Darryl's entire post: http://raincitysoftware.blogspot.com/2007/12/10-reasons-to-switch-from-rails-to.html Graeme Rocher continues on the same theme, citing another 10 points for those still on the Ruby on Rails/Java fence and why Grails is a good choice over Ruby on Rails:
1. A view technology that doesn't suck 2. Mixed source development made easy with the Groovy joint compiler (no falling back to C to solve those performance problems ;-) 3. Built in support for rich conversations with Web Flow 4. Grails 1.0 coming out within the month 5. IntelliJ's JetGroovy Plug-in 6. A rich plug-in system that integrates Grails with technologies Java people care about like GWT, DWR, JMS etc. 7. A buzzing and growing community with a larger traffic mailing list as opposed to a stagnating one 8. Built on Spring, the ultimate Enterprise Application Integration technology 9. A Service layer with automatic transaction demarcation and support for scopes 10. More books coming and being adopted by enterprise organisations near you
Read Graeme's complete post: http://graemerocher.blogspot.com/2008/01/grails-making-java-developers-forget.html