Hi all, I am new to both JSF and SEAM. When I looked at several examples for JSF alone, I found out that it's a common way in JSF to create methods in managed bean, that return some kind of UInput or HtmlDataTable. Then I tried SEAM and after beeting my head on the wall for couple of days found out, that SEAM doesn't like when I use @Name annotation on anything that is not declared as in application.xml in EAR file. This is question number one: is it true that everything that is not placed in ejb.jar will not be picked up by SEAM? Will it pick classes from WEB-INF/classes if I put seam.properties there? Will I be able to access those classes? Question number two relates mostly to JSF. Is it OK to return UI components from JSF managed beans? This strategy is not acceptable with SEAM because having ejbs depending on web framework is not a very good idea IMHO. If there are two approaches, I seriously doubt that both of them are equaly welcomed by JSF community. Which one is architechturaly better? I am using JBoss 4.2.0GA if it changes anything. Thanks, Kirill