Squish 3.3, automated GUI testing tool, released


News: Squish 3.3, automated GUI testing tool, released

  1. froglogic GmbH has announced version 3.3 of their automated GUI testing tool Squish. Squish supports creating and running automated GUI tests of applications based on a variety of user interface technologies including Qt, AWT/Swing, SWT/Eclipse RCP/JFaces, Web/HTML/AJAX and Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa. Squish offers a versatile testing framework with a choice of test scripting languages (Python, JavaScript, Tcl and Perl) extended by test-specific functions, open interfaces, add-ons, integrations into test management systems, an IDE that supports the creation and debugging of tests and a set of command line tools facilitating fully automated test runs. One of the main new features of version 3.3 is cross-technology support. While previous Squish versions worked exclusively on one specific GUI technology, the new release enables the testing of hybrid GUI applications. For example, Squish tests can automate Win32 Active-X controls embedded in Qt applications, Java applets, Flash, or Active-X components embedded in a Web application or mixed Java Swing/AWT and SWT/Eclipse RCP applications. Other new features include dedicated support for interacting with Eclipse GEF elements (Squish for Java) and QGraphicsView items (Squish for Qt), support for testing Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa GUI applications, support for testing Java applications started via Java Web Start, an integration into the Eclipse TPTP Framework and several improvements to enhance the tool's ease of use and test maintenance. A full list of improvements is available on froglogic's web site. Squish is a commercial product with a number of licensing options, and is purchased by GUI toolkit. In other words, one would buy a Qt license, or a Java license, or Mac license, etc. There are two types of licenses: "runners" and "testers," where a "tester" is one who generates and runs tests and a runner is limited to running or processing tests. There are also "named user" licenses, assigned to a specific person, and floating licenses, licenses limiting the number of copies of Squish running at any given time. There are volume discounts, and license costs can be roughly determined from Squish' pricing page.

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  2. Recommend GUI testing tool?[ Go to top ]

    Hi All I'd like to call on the TSS community and ask for suggestion and advice on testing tool for Swing GUI. Is Squish the best around? Who has experience? We did notice a few Open Source projects (Pounder/Abbot/etc) but then again some seem to have stopped any development... Could you share your experience(s)? Thanks Benoit
  3. Hi, Benoit! FEST looks nice. It's based on Abbot but seams to be much better.
  4. Windows apps?[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations to the frologic team on Squish 3.3. Squish looks like a good tool for GUI testing of SWING apps. I am intrigued by the list of UI technologies Squish works with: AWT, SWT, RCP, Web, Carbon/Cocoa. I'm wondering if froglogic may eventually deliver something that would let me drive a Windows desktop application? Our customers are testing Windows apps that are talking to Java backend servers. They infrequently ask for a utility that can record and play-back Windows desktop applications. -Frank Cohen http://www.pushtotest.com
  5. Re: Windows apps?[ Go to top ]

    It generically mentions web. I wonder if it supports Flex UIs as well (which probably has a large market share in RIA space and growing rapidly) and other newer ones e.g. AIR, silverlight, JavaFx etc. Shailesh Now, Test Management is a breeze
  6. Record/playback of Flash?[ Go to top ]

    Is anyone doing record/playback of Flash? I haven't found anything. -Frank