Hello Everyone. I am having a problem with BEA WebLogic. Let me describe the problem: Problem Description: What I need is to pass some arbitrary piece of data between the RMI client and server, so I want to inject the data on the client and retrieve it on the server (the ultimate goal being able to trace transaction flow across multiple app servers) CORBA Portable Interceptors fit the bill perfectly and are designed for that specific purpose. The interceptors are CORBA standard and were added to J2EE 1.4 standard. Sun own ORB, IBM WebSphere and JBOSS all support Portable Interceptors. WebLogic does not :( I looked at WebLogic documentation and could find no replacement for interception of RMI flow. The last resort is code instrumentation, but I really want to avoid that since I have to support J2SE 1.4 code that is prior to javaagent. Has anyone ever implemented something similar for WebLogic (v8.1 and up) or can point me to any feature of the product that can help me?