Friday is the Early Bird deadline for TSSJS


News: Friday is the Early Bird deadline for TSSJS

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    TheServerSide Java Symposium will be at The Venetian in Las Vegas, March 26-28. Now is the time to sign up, because Friday is the Early Bird deadline, which saves you $100. Register for TSSJS now. We're pretty excited about this year's agenda - With the help of our very well-informed and experienced track hosts, we've built our tracks based on what readers and TSSJS past attendees told us they care about, including: Frameworks, Languages & Coding, Architecture, Presentation Tier, High Performance Computing, SOA, Persistence and Case Studies. The panels should be particularly educational and entertaining:
    • In 'Java Web Framework Smackdown,' Matt Raible will moderate as the leading advocates of today's popular Web frameworks duel under the Vegas Lights, discussing productivity, scalability and maintainability of Java-based Web applications.
    • In 'MapReduce: Why Does it Matter,' Eugene Ciurana will lead panelists, including Ed Burns, in a discussion on MapReduce - a technique for indexing large data sets in an efficient, cost-effective way by building multi-processing into the hardware infrastructure.
    • In 'Wherefore the Surface Tier?' Justin Gehtland moderates as panelists discuss the evolution of the user interface and current trends in Web, desktop and mobile platforms.
    Attendees are coming to Vegas from Fidelity, Sony, Oracle, IBM, HP, Walmart, Verisign, Boeing, TD Ameritrade, Capgemini,, Shopzilla... not to mention speakers who are joining us from the City of Chicago, eBay, SpringSource, Sun, Amazon, etc. View the complete speaker lineup. We've been asking our attendees what they plan to attend, and here are 5 sessions people are flocking to: The complete conference agenda also features sessions on Mule, new features in the Spring portfolio, building an SOA without an ESB, performance tooling, concurrency and more. TSSJS is already the best value for your money, offering more sessions on enterprise Java than any other industry conference, and an unparalleled speaker to attendee ratio of 1:9. And when you register before Friday, February 22, you'll save an additional $100.
  2. For those of us on a limited budget, it would be great to have a TSSJS in Florida. Preferably Tampa, the cost of everything is so low in Tampa and the city rocks!! Regards, Tom (for full disclosure, I live in Tampa)