Lattix has announced a major release of its architecture management solution, Lattix 4.0. The Lattix 4.0 solution enables software architects, developers, and managers to visualize, re-architect, communicate, and control the architecture of their complex software systems. The Lattix approach uses a Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM) for software architecture management and enables you to visualize and manage dependencies of systems that include technologies such as Java, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, .NET, SQL Server, C/C++, Ada, and Delphi Pascal. New features include: - Service and component extraction utilizing the new tagging, impact analysis and reporting capabilities. - Scalability enhancements that allow the display and manipulation of systems with tens of millions of LOC and hundreds of thousands of database elements. - The database support has been extended with the addition of support for the SQL Server database. Free evaluation downloads are available. You can see an online demo in order to learn about DSMs and how they are used for architecture management.