Agile practices affecting performance testing and management


News: Agile practices affecting performance testing and management

  1. Agile development styles centered on continuous integration are leading to new ways of thinking about various parts of the software development life cycle. "Continuous integration meets application performance management" discusses how the Agile emphasis on continuous processes is being heard more widely in performance testing and management.
    Continuous performance management -- or continuous performance testing -- applies the principles of performance testing to the practice of continuous integration, according to Steven Haines, Java domain expert at Quest Software. Quest and Haines have fashioned a tool kit, now in beta and available to the Quest community, that embodies some of the ideas of continuous performance management. Performance testing should be integrated into automated continuous integration builds, Haines and others advise. That means having tight test script incorporation within a continuous integration server. Continuous performance management in Haines' view is closely associated with test-driven development (TDD). Both methodologies, he has indicated, can lead to shorter development cycles, faster triaging and greater confidence in deployments. Haines, author of Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization (Apress), has written extensively about TDD, continuous performance management and other matters of application tuning.
  2. Noticed that this sort of article is appearing more and more as Agile goes mainstream. It's part of a broader trend of selling Agile Development to people in suits ... this is a good thing (as Agile projects,I've found, to be 'happier' projects), but it does mean that you get Vendor-driven white papers in the area. This isn't the worst example, given that it actually contains some useful information. Paul , FirstPartners Blog