Ideas don’t live long when you keep them to yourself. They need to be transmitted; after all they are the beginning and end of everything. Considering the gravity of an idea; JAX Innovation Awards 2008 is offering a platform to explore the exciting world of innovation. Java, Eclipse and SOA are the core of information technology, and the JAX Innovation Award, is therefore, seeking the best ideas, the most innovative technologies and the most exciting projects in this domain. JAX Innovation Award wants to make visible the best results of the “Think Tank? Europe. The winner of the JAX Innovation Awards would be awarded with 20,000 Euros, for their future endeavors. Submit your contribution by 17 March 2008 to be ahead in this yet to begin race. To head start send across your online registration form. Our esteemed jury will select ten best contributions and the winners would be awarded during the award ceremony at the JAX 2008. Applications may be contributions from businesses, individuals, research and teaching, or other organizations. Whether it is a software, an open-source project, a research, a site or just an idea. We welcome all. Come join us in celebrating the spirit of innovation by contributing your ideas and thoughts.