Sonatype's Nexus 1.0-beta-1 Released


News: Sonatype's Nexus 1.0-beta-1 Released

  1. Sonatype's Nexus 1.0-beta-1 Released (4 messages)

    Nexus is a robust Maven repository manager, created to provide reliable access to artifacts required for development and provisioning. Maven's central repository has always served as a convenience for users of Maven, but it has always been recommended to maintain your own repositories to ensure stability within your organization. Nexus simplifies the maintenance of your own internal repositories and access to external repositories. With Nexus you can completely control access to, and deployment of, every artifact in your organization from a single location. (Jason van Zyl says that this is a twist of fate: Nexus might be the first Maven-related project with documentation in its first releases.) Resources for Nexus include a chapter excerpt on Nexus by Tim O'Brien, getting started, downloading Nexus, and the mailing lists.

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    What about a comparison between Nexus, Archiva and Artifactory?
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    What about a comparison between Nexus, Archiva and Artifactory?
    You can probably look at the feature list and align it to this comparison as a starting point. Each has strengths in particular areas. I'd suggest trying them out and see what works for your situation (though as an Archiva developer, my natural bias lies there, of course).
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    The comparison is a little outdated ;( I'm allready use archiva and take a look at nexus. It's admin interface using extjs is great and I'd like all the options to manage the repositories, splitting or grouping artifacts from various repositories. My only concern for now are getting nexus as a standalone war (to use in Tomcat) and see how nexus will support maven 1 repositories in proxy mode. BTW, exist and sonatypes are very active on maven these days (q4e/m2eclipse, archiva/nexus) :)
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    It just works, however it took me some minutes to figure out that the admin password is admin123 instead of admin1234 (as written in the doco) :) Congrats, and keep up the good work!