Folder/Directory Structure Explorer on Client Machine.


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  1. Hello Experts, I am trying to implement a module that allows the users thru a jsp to explore the file system on their machine and select multiple documents to be uploaded into the server. I am thinking how to go about it and the possible solutions seem to be using Swing /SWT in Java Web Start. I would like to know if there any other alternative solutions out there that dont require swing or SWT and do it from the browser using AJAX or something like that any innovative ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pervez Alam.
  2. Are you refering to the Html Browse button?
  3. Could be a HTML borose button too , but I need to be able to read the client machine file system and display the list of files and let the user select files and upload multiple files in a single click.
  4. Oh I see; The best way would be once you have selected one file, give one option for add more, where you can keep the file details in session , and select the next file, until you have selected all the desired files.. , then give a button upload....and behind the scenes for each file.. do the upload;) Letting the user select multiple files, the user has to select each file individually... And finally give a button like "amme havoo!! Done selecting all files, Now please Upload all files in single click" Behind the scenes you upload each file one by one;) It is ridiculous that the sense of network security is void, if a server application is granted access to read a client machines filesystem , on the internet via a web based platform So think carefully, what is the difference between me exposing a web page with some funny stuff which might steal all data from your local computer while you are browsing.. (Imagine I incorporated some intelligence so the Selection and upload is done by my Server page automatically .. to relieve you from the pain of selecting..)
  5. Even Java Web Start , should not allow for access to client machines file system.. if I am correct!