Version 2.0 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.


News: Version 2.0 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.

  1. Allatori Java Obfuscator belongs to the second generation obfuscators' family and has all spectrum of opportunities on protection of your intellectual property. In the Allatori arsenal there are the following protection methods: name obfuscation, flow obfuscation, debug info obfuscation, string encryption, watermarking. The obfuscator is free for educational and non-commercial projects. The 2.0 version has optimized renaming algorithms and fixes in the incremental obfuscation process. Allatori Java Obfuscator web site and demo version download
  2. So how does this compare to zelix klassmaster
  3. Obfuscators suck[ Go to top ]

    Just my cents: I hate to read about "protection of your intellectual property" in a community which is largely built around Open Source...
  4. english obfuscation[ Go to top ]

    Among Allatori's extra features which do not concern directly the obfuscation process, there can be mentioned the unique algorithm of the application size minimization and special functions implementing a number of tricks on acceleration of protected application's performance.
    I like how the English is obfuscated as well.