FacesTrace 0.9.0 is released, shows trace information for JSF


News: FacesTrace 0.9.0 is released, shows trace information for JSF

  1. FacesTrace 0.9.0 has been released. FacesTrace is a small library that is used to display visual tracing for JSF applications. It displays times for JSF phases, as well as variables for the page, log messages, faces messages, and the component tree. An online demo can show you the information dumped by FacesTrace. Installation is quite easy: include the FacesTrace library in your web application classpath, and then use a simple tag: (assuming "ft" is the namespace in which you've installed the tag.) You can disable tracing through the use of a web.xml context parameter.
  2. This is a perfect complement to MessAdmin: FacesTrace for JSF-specific statistics, and MessAdmin for all the rest! :-) ________ MessAdmin, Java EE monitoring made easy !
  3. This is a really good and nice idea :) Somewhat resembles the exception information you're getting by default with Facelets, minus the timing of course. Good job!
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    JSF Phase Listener Trace - June 2006 http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=8 State Memento - June 2006 http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=9 Do we really want to have a different model and different solution for every single technology on a stack? Maybe its time to at least tackle one of these and allows vendors to compete on tooling (analysis, interaction, presentation, management). Component State in Diagnostics Global Frame http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=44 Diagnostics Open API http://blog.jinspired.com/?p=35 William
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    I have been using FacesTraces for a long time(after reading about it in Core Java Server Faces book). It gives you a nice diagram about where your request was sent and the time spent in different phases. It also has a nice little known feature-that you can trap the log4j logs and see the logs directly in the browser(for that request/context). The unrelated MessAdmin is also nice. But I could not initially see its feature to "broadcast message" as I had enabled my "popup blocker"