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    how does jaxb come in contact with java webservice, how does both relate together,can somebody help me in giving some idea on it. thanks in advance

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    The new JAX-WS specification and RI provided by Sun via Glassfish is a great place to start. There are several examples of using JAXB and Web Services. But beware! As you go explore using JAXB, you will learn to focus more on the schema, especically the schema types. Enumerations in XSDs don't work well when converting to JAXB because the JAXB generator creates a enumeration class that cause errors when generating the web service client. Also eclipse has a JAXB plugin to generate the classes from XSD schema..... Good luck!
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    Thanks dude!
  4. I found xstream very useful[ Go to top ]

    I was comparing JAXB and XStream.. Finally I liked the XStream guys. They have developed a cool product to ensure flexibility and high performancec. Cheers, Abinash http://sunilabinash.vox.com/