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    I follow the help to install JBuilder4.0,IAS 4.1 , Visibroker,then do the CORBA & Application Server setup.Then build a simple EJB project including server and client side classes.

    But while I try to run the project,server side has no problem while as client side occurs error that tells found no classes through name sapce.

    That's why?

    Is it nessecary that IAS must be started firstly before running a EJB project?
    Is it nessesary of deployment?
    Why I haven't found two stub classes(home and remote) after deploment?

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    I personally have no experience with IAS, since I use orion server. However debugging of an EJB using JBuilder 4 in any appserver is probably the same.

    To debug an EJB, i do the following:

    1. In the Project menu select Project properties. In the dialog menu, select the Run tab. Select the main class of your app server. In the orion case, it is useful to put -classic in the VM parameters edit box.
    2. Deploy your ejb.
    3. Insert breakpoints in your ejb where necessary.
    4. Press 'Debug' to start debugging.

    What concerns stub classes - they are server-generated, and are automatically compiled. Usually you don't need to trace through theses classes.
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    I just wanted to add, that I start orion as a simple application. It means, that in the Run tab, mentioned in step 1, I open Application tab (not EJB tab), where all settings (like main class and VM parameters) should be applied.
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    The application server must be started up before you can deploy beans to it, and certainly before you try to access the beans deployed on it. Thats most likely the problem.

    If you check the documentation there are step by step guides to building and deploying on JBuilder and IAS that are pretty easy to follow.