ZeroTurnaround releases JavaRebel 1.1, offers free licenses for bug reports


News: ZeroTurnaround releases JavaRebel 1.1, offers free licenses for bug reports

  1. JavaRebel is a JVM plugin (-javaagent) that enables reloading changes made to Java class files on-the-fly, saving developers the time that it takes to redeploy an application or perform a container restart. It is a generic solution that works for Java EE and Java standalone applications. It is our greatest pleasure to announce the immediate availability of JavaRebel 1.1 final release! The release is a result of more than 6 months of work from the ZeroTurnaround team and includes the following changes in comparison to 1.0.x:
    • Unexploded development. Now you can run JavaRebel without having to change your build cycle in the least. See the installation manual and this article.
    • Improved debugging. No need to step through generated methods anymore, see this article.
    • Full reflection support. All changes to methods, fields and annotations will show up also via Reflection API.
    • Dynamic proxy support. Support for JDK, CGLib and Javassist dynamic proxies allows to add methods to classes behind proxies.
    • Full support for Java 1.4. All of the features available in Java 5 are also available in Java 1.4. The installation is also now simpler and supports more containers. See installation manual for details.
    • JavaRebel SDK. With the SDK you have full access to the JavaRebel API and can use it for custom integration or to enable configuration reloading. The community site includes additional support for Google Guice, Stripes and Commons-EL.
    Watch the demonstration screencast (~2 mins), read the feature list or download JavaRebel from and give it a try. JavaRebel is commercial software with a free trial for 21 days and developer seat cost at 149$. To celebrate this release and to prove that 1.1 is stable we will give one free unrestricted personal license for any issue that you help us fix until 1st June. The campaign rules follow:
    • Bug reports must be registered on our support forum.
    • We must be able to fix the bug from your reports and it must require a code change, not just configuration change.
    • All bug reports filed before 1st June (including currently open ones) are eligible even if the issue is fixed later.
    • Duplicate bug reports will receive a free license at our discretion, if we think that the new information helped us fix the bug.
    To receive the license send an e-mail to support at zeroturnaround dot com with a link to your bug report and this announcement.
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    I tried this out for the first time this week. It just worked! I was amazed at how simple it was - I looked at the instructions and was like, "is that it?". Nice work guys.
  3. Serious, I'm holding my breath 'til have some free time to get my hands on it! ;) Definitely a nice piece work! ps.: Let's hope the "Mentawai freako" doesn't hijack this thread also! :) Rgrds, JV