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    Hi, I'm a Msc student and right now I'm choosing a topic to do an individual 3 months final project. I'm thinking about building a restaurant suggestion system where user enters his/her location, budget and preferences of food and the system will use Googlemap to generate a list of suggest restaurants based on the user's need. More features to add-on later but is it possible to do this using the Googlemap web service? I'm new to WS. Thank you so much.
  2. I love the way you are thinking.. I will share my experiences on this. Let me address your question first. Yes, You can use map api to find the distance between two lat/lng. Lat/Lng calculations are very CPU intensive. So during the storage I use a formula to allocate a house for a point. When matching nearby location, I use the house which is a integer in nature with a > and < query rather than calculating distance between two points with loads of math floating point calculations. I faced problem on generatng content. It's a chick egg issue. If u don't have content people don't come. If people are not there, there is no content. So the really road blocks will be on content generation. Cheers Abinash http://sunilabinash.vox.com/