Web Service sample implemetation for fault injection


XML & Web services: Web Service sample implemetation for fault injection

  1. Hello, i'm searching for an Web Service example like the "Pet Store" from the BluePrints programm to perform fault injektion and benchmarking. The example must provided SOAP for communikation and an external database. At best, there are a BEPL enginge for choreogrphy two or more Web Services, written in Java. I've read some about an Travell Agancy but i found no implementation. Can anybody help me or give me advice? Many thanks! Sebastian
  2. You basicaly have 2 options. 1 - Use a client side check, like download remedy.com and set it for webservice . 2 - More Simple is to use WebServices over the Internet. Use online Service like Amazon SQS (Cost a few ponds) or OnlineMQ.com (Free, but relatively new). Both have good documentation with sample code and support for Soap/WSDL.
  3. Thank you for your reply, but this is not what i'm searching for. I decided to take the Java Adventure Builder because of the 3-tier open source Application based on Web Services.