Urbancode released AnthillPro 3.5 this week at JavaOne. AnthillPro supports teams who frequently release by proving application lifecycle automation to drastically reduce the time and risk involved in the build, deploy, test, and release cycles. AnthillPro provides visibility and automation to not just the build, but also to what happens after the development team hands off the build. AnthillPro supports teams developing in Java and other languages while providing management of both the build farm and various deployment environments. New Virtualization Integrations Version 3.5 provides a tight integration to VMWare Lab Manager. As build and test teams turn increasingly to virtualization, making sure the right environment is available is key before running a process. The VMWare Lab Manager infrastructure integration enables users to provision complex software development and test environments, and ensures that no job will run unless the correct machine is online. Agile Project Management Integrations As Agile methods have taken hold, the use of Agile-centric project management tools is on the rise. To help provide visibility relating to the builds going into QA, the AnthillPro team has added integrations for Rally and VersionOne. These relate builds to defects, stories and backlog items so QA can see what stories are addressed in a build from AnthillPro and what builds address a story from the Agile project management tool. Improved Notifications AnthillPro can be configured to notify users of events like build breakages and successful deployments. Notification options have been expanded, and are now simpler to configure. At the same time, integrations for Google Talk and MSN Instant Messenger have been added. Extended Testing Integrations Integrations have been added with testing tools managed by Quality Center, allowing AnthillPro to automatically run tests. AnthillPro can then gather up the test results if desired. Agitar's testing tools can also be run through AnthillPro. Once run, the tests results are processed by AnthillPro and stored in a data warehouse. Other Improvements
  • A system announcement banner
  • Automatic agent upgrade shows its progress while working
  • Requests for the same build that are sitting in the queue can be automatically merged
  • ViewVC (formally ViewCVS) integration added
  • Added the ability to convert a standard job configuration into a shareable one
Find out more about AnthillPro. Download AnthillPro and try it yourself. AnthillPro is commercially licensed to teams ranging from a handful of developers to the enterprise with thousands of developers. Urbancode continues to support Open Source Software with complimentary licenses.