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    By clicking a submit button i'm calling a javascript in a jsp which uses "" function and opens a jsp. In this jsp i call a function for opening a pdf file using "document.location.href". in this i have specified the URL to open this pdf. Now i want that if after this pdf is opened, i again chose some option and click the submit button and a second pdf to opened. But right now if i click the submit button the second time, the second pdf replaces the older one in the same wondow. I want that the second pdf to be opened in separate window. Please help to get me some idea
  2. ("your-url-file","a-unique-name-for-each-window-to-be-opened");
  3. currently in your, you have specified a name probably for the window, so every time you click, the javascript tells the browser to open the document in the window named "soandso". Try making the window name unique for each document, or try using simple, without a name option specified!
  4. Actually the problem is that the pdf file is opening in the same Acrobat reader. I want that if i clisk the submit button second time or any number of times, it should open the pdf in different acrobat reader.
  5. Perhaps this link should shed some light. Write a small servlet which can facilitate the download, whne u do the submit, invoke the servlet in a new window... and download the Pdf..
  6. If you are using it should open the pdf in a new window.
  7. Thank u for your time but this is not working for me
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    i used this technique, but instead of opening the pdf in two windows it is opening the jsp which is called before the pdf (i.e the jsp in which the url is called) in two windows
  9. check out this component from Coldtags suite. You can add more than one downloading (opening) to your JSP page.