Memory available WinServer03 32bit vs 64 bit


Performance and scalability: Memory available WinServer03 32bit vs 64 bit

  1. We have an enterprise server application that uses quite a bit of memory and we have x64 Intel boxes running 32bit windows server 2003 with 8GB of ram. Obviously we aren't able to get to the other 4gb because of the 32bit OS limitation. However, if we upgrade the OS to Windows Server 64bit, could we run 3 32 bit JVM instances at say 1.5gb each with the OS still taking 2GB? We are using JVM 1.4x although I'm curious about 1.5 if there are any differences. I know we could do more if the OS and JVM are 64bit, however this app hasn't been recompiled or tested for 64bit and we are not ready to take that leap yet.
  3. Recommend Java Version 6.0[ Go to top ]

    I would highly recommend using the 6.0 JVM, 6.0 update 5 if possible. It will still run the 1.4 Java code but with many performance improvements and bug fixes.