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    Hi all! I'm fairly new to J2EE but need to get my hands on some framework that will allow me to work faster, with less code. Thus, I need a framework. I've read about things like Struts, Spring Framework and others, but don't know which is the best and most useful. I develop Flex applications and will be doing my server side with Adobe's BlazeDS to allow me to send AMF (Action Message Format) messages to Flex. Can you guys recommend a good framework for J2EE? I don't need JSP that much as my client side is done entirely with Flex/Flash, so basically just the business logic and database accessing and persistence stuff. Thanks
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    Oh...and also, I am using the Eclipse IDE, so if the framework integrates with the IDE, it will be a bonus.
  3. this is a document about JWMS that I copy it from www.j2sos.org in technical forum mvc or JWMS Architecture? which one is the better?may be both..!!! JWMS(java web model service) in shine framework's Architecture. MVC is a powerful architecture, but a more powerful architecture is required to implement much-extended projects! Nowadays, web applications had exssesive growth that causes complexity in programmers & developers work! For easier understanding, attend to Google site! The site(Google Web Application) has numerous services that each of them yield users a special service For example, Gmail service that yield users the E-Mail service or the Search Engine that yield users searching service throw the web for image, etc. Of course there is a close communication between these services. If the services don’t follow a special architecture all, the Google site would encounter many problems. In Service Oriented architecture, each part of the program acts as a service. For example, E-Mail service, SearchEngine service, etc. Imagine Electronic-Govenment application. This application yield numerous services that each one could be concieved as a separate application. (Image 1)* However, there is a problem! These applications should have communication between each other. This communication doesn’t mean just as a simple massaging communication! I suggest you JWMS architecture to solve this problem! Java Web Model Service (JWMS) transforms each part of E-Government application to a service. For example, E-Bank service, E-Ministry service & other services To understand it better, attend to image 2*. As you see, user’s request moves to Model via Web, the Model will process the request & direct the user to the suitable Service. Model means a Servlet that processes user’s request. Maybe in first view, it seems so similar to MVC architecture. Nevertheless, wait! You don’t know its internal parts, yet! To understand it better you should get to know our Framework. Exactly! shine helps you to understand it better! :) if you want get more information read our free pdf file about Shine! it will be upload soon!
  4. JPA, Hibernate, jPersist, IBatis, ActiveObjects, and Spring is where I would look. J2EE is more about client/server interaction than it is about middleware.
  5. hello.I `m architecture for j2ee frameworks and I work with some frame works such as jsf,spring,struts, and anew powerful j2ee framework with name shine because it is powerful than other frame works such as spring ,struts , ... and too it is siple for use and have much sample document for learn and work with it. I think if you work with shine framework and test it,you underastan the shine is the best frame work for deploy your j2ee framework like me. and if you want learn more about j2ee frame works shine is the best again.because of shine framework `s support team write sevral document for learning shine and some sample project for work with ajax ,jdbc,hibernate and a helloword sample in shine. if you want to learn more about shine you can refer to these links: http://groups.google.com/group/j2sos in technical forum and www.j2sos.org and fore download shine frame work you can visit sorce forge .net in this link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/shine-app/ good luck and bye.
  6. The Java Web Model Service architecture is based on MVC.It improves all disadvantages ,and add some adavantages points to it.As Struts comes to help us to implement our project based on MVC , we need maplet to implement JWMS architecture.These maplets are based on those old Servlets ,with some new featurs.
    Purpose of JWMS architecture is that, to have a JSP page for every job of your actors in UML diagrams. And those all actions start from a request JSP page ,and continue with one or more maplets ,and then finish with a response JSP page (for all possibles response ) through a flow just like your UML diagrams.

    Figure 1

    Now there isn't any need to make a JSP page for every possible response (for example a proper response for empty fields and an other proper respose for errors ...) like before.Instead, the all things you need is that to create a response jsp page and tag it.A tag for success message a tag for error and so on.
    As you see , every thing is very simple.Also, you can be a project manager too !!!
    An other ability of maplet is that ,you don't need to carry parameters with yourself by using session or application.Maplet gets all parameters from the first page and cross it to an other maplet or JSP.For reaching these parameters you just need to define a public String variable as the same name of parameter in first JSP page.The content of this variable is the same as user inputted parameter(with out doing any job!).
    We are not magicians , we just know how to work with URL !!!
    If you want to send any parameter to next maplet ,add it to URL as the same !!!
    For more information and knowing how to work with AddURL(),forward(),... read the complete document from below link :


    Omid haghighatgoo
    J2OS manager