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    Hi people: JDK 6 WebServices seem to be pretty cool. According to the JDK 6 Web Services tutorials, it is possible to publish web services in a "built-in lightweight container" that is a standard in JDK 6. However, I could not find the way to publish my JDK 6 WebService in tomcat. Is there any way to do it?

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  2. use JAX-WS library[ Go to top ]

    JAX-WS has a servlet to support webservice.
  3. Use the Glassfish RI[ Go to top ]

    MOst if not all of the new containers have or will support the GlassFish reference implementation for JAX-WS web services. The RI includes a listener servlet defined in the web.xml and you supply the URI mapping. There is also a sun-jaxws.xml that maps the URI to the annotated class. This is very much like Struts MVC pattern. The GlassFish documentation will walk you through the setup on Tomcat and a sample application. Best of Luck!!!!
  4. i had lots of issues with JAX-WS but found solutions using axis2, which i have blogged here: http://blog.maxant.co.uk/pebble/2009/12/22/1261517160000.html