Version 2.1 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.


News: Version 2.1 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.

  1. Allatori Java Obfuscator belongs to the second generation obfuscators' family and has all spectrum of opportunities on protection of your intellectual property. In the Allatori arsenal there are the following protection methods: name obfuscation, flow obfuscation, debug info obfuscation, string encryption, watermarking. The obfuscator is free for educational and non-commercial projects. The 2.1 version supports war and ear files and allows to add expiry date to the obfuscated application. Allatori Java Obfuscator web site and demo version download
  2. I was asked to research a new Microsoft product for a client called Software Licensing and Protection Services. Not only is it an improvement over obfuscators in terms of code protection, it allows you to create feature sets that can be tied to various product licenses. Of course, it's for .NET code, not Java. Anyone know whether there's a similar productin the Java space?
  3. Does anyone know of an Obfuscator that also handles Spring XML files? Best Regards, Richard L. Burton III
  4. maybe this can helps,
  5. String encryption???[ Go to top ]

    Last time I heard something like this it was unicode escapes for all string characters...