Atomikos releases TransactionsEssentials 3.3


News: Atomikos releases TransactionsEssentials 3.3

  1. Atomikos releases TransactionsEssentials 3.3 (4 messages)

    Atomikos has just released version 3.3 of TransactionsEssentials, its open source core JTA/XA transaction manager with JDBC and JMS support. This new version includes many new features, the most important ones being: -completely new and improved JDBC connection pools and JDBC data sources -better shutdown hook behavior -log4j compatibility for logging diagnostics Atomikos thanks its user base for its ongoing support!

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  2. Waiting on 3.3.1[ Go to top ]

    So I updated my code to using this new version last week and found it broken :( Easily patched and fixed but there doesn't seem to be a public bug tracker, or a bug tracker AT ALL. I posted a comment to ( the community forum (my god does that look bad thou - css anyone?) and the fix will available soon. Fast turnaround from Atomikos thou which was great to see.
  3. Bug tracker, yes for sure![ Go to top ]

    Yes we do have a bug tracker, as a matter of fact it is at the core of our support business. Customers are able to track their cases online, it's just not publicly browsable that is all... Not sure if we can improve this but we'll check. Guy
  4. 3.3.1 is out[ Go to top ]

    Fast turnaround from Atomikos thou which was great to see.
    Indeed, and 3.3.1 is out now;-)
  5. Excellent ;-)[ Go to top ]

    Excellent to hear :)