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    Am new to weblogic6.0.Previously we have used weblogic5.1,
    there we didn't face any problems for creating stub and skeleton( using weblogic.ejbc).

    weblogic 6.0
    I have put <WL_Home>\lib\weblogic.jar in classpath
    and <WL_Home>\bin in path....

    when i put java weblogic.ejbc
    am getting NoClassDefFoundError....

    Any setting to be made after installing weblogic6.0.

    Thanks & Regards,
  2. hi,
       one way and the standard way of doing is go to the samples/petStore directory and there is a file, just copy to your directory and change the file names you have to compile in that file, and the temporary-jar, jar-file name and run that, which will compile and generate a jar file for you

    hope this will help,