Issue in oracle 10g thin XA driver with weblogic 7 SP5


General J2EE: Issue in oracle 10g thin XA driver with weblogic 7 SP5

  1. Hi there, We are using oracle 10g thin,thin XA drivers( with oracle 10g as back end database and weblogic 7 SP 5. We are getting maximum open cursors exceeded exception after some time. The issue seems to be with "XAPrepared Statement Cache Size" property. Initially it was set to 5. When transactions are performed the database shows the count of open cursor to 300 which is the limit of open cursors set as database init params. When we set cache size to zero, the issue disappears and the cursor count is around 45 Even if the statement cahe size is set to 1, after some transactions max open cursor exceeded exception arises. Can som one elaborate the behavior of this property or the issue which underlies this. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards
  2. ORA-01000 Maximum open cursors exceeded.... The initial Some where your code is probably not closing Statements and or Resultsets? Or if u have database-links, where you might be querying remote databases inside Stored procs or something, and some where cursor(s) are not being closed properly?
  3. we are simply using entity beans and not making any database connection manually or calling any prc through it. I enabled the flag at weblogic at found that it is creating only five sql statement to process the action done in the code. Additionally the database cursor value is set to 900.