EWSJ (Exchange Web Services for Java) beta is availible


Industry news: EWSJ (Exchange Web Services for Java) beta is availible

  1. EWSJ is a small java api to access Exchange via its WebServices interface. In about 2 mins, you'll have Exchange Emails, Contacts, Calendar events available to you via EWS interface. In its beta stage it is completely free. Academic free license is also available. You can download and try it from: http://www.javaexchangeconnector.com/
  2. Since I received some questions regarding this, EWS (Exchange Web Services) is available only for Microsoft Exchange 2007, the same is true for EWSJ. Eli
  3. This might also useful for Apache Axis2. I remember Apache Axis1 had support for EWS support. blogs.deepal.org
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    Hi, Along with Web services which offers platform independence (server) and ease of configuration, developers can also use j-XChange (http://sourceforge.net/projects/j-xchange/). It is a pure Java implementation of the entire Collaboration Data Objects (CDO 1.21) library, offered under LGPL license and allows interoperability with MS Exchange from all non-Windows platforms that support Java. This library is powered by j-Interop (www.j-interop.org). Thanks, best regards, Vikram
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    i'm just evaluating the product for 3 months  (ewsj) and i have to say that it very simple to use and works as mentioned in the guide.

    I saw that there are new prices so it seems affordable