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News: JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 GA released

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    The JBoss Portal team is very proud to announce the release of the JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 product. The release is a fully compliant implementation of the Portlet 2 (JSR286) specification, which was released yesterday. JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 comes with a lightweight portal based on JSP tags and comes bundled with a few demonstration portlets. The goal of that lightweight portal is to provide developers with an easy way to showcase and test their portlet applications. It should work well with other JSP taglibs and templating frameworks. The next major release of our mainstream portal product JBoss Portal 2.7 will bundle the JBoss Portlet Container. You can download the release from our project download page. You can get more information on the portal developer's blog.
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    Congratulations to the JBoss Portal team, this is the first rock-solid Portlet 2.0 container to be released. Onward, Sacha JBoss, a division of Red Hat http://sacha.labourey.com/
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    Congratulations Julien and team from Alfresco.
  4. Is the demo server running 2.0 already? http://portal.demo.jboss.com/portal/default/default (it says JBoss Portal 2.6.3-GA) I hope not, 'cause it's rather underwhelming compared to the latest Liferay (not to mention any of the portal samples I saw in Flex or Ext-JS). You can't seem to drag or drop portlets into different locations, dock them, etc, it seems to have zero Ajax/DHTML functionality built-in. Why would I use this over Liferay which seems to have a much richer Web 2.0 user interface?
  5. Jacek this is not the same product here we are talking about the JBoss Portlet Container which is a portlet container with a simple portal solution. It is not JBoss Portal, so the link you are giving does not reflect the product mentionned here. The scope of this product is different from the JBoss Portal product and is more oriented toward small solutions (i.e small sites that uses portlet) or development of Portlet 2.0. One advantage of the JBoss Portlet Container is to be very small and lightweight and it provides transparent deployment of portlet application which is very suited for development of portlets. If you want to have a passionated debate between OSS portals (Liferay vs JBoss Portal vs eXo) we can do that somewhere else.
  6. I don't really want to have a passionate debate. Just asking a question. Portal frameworks is not a topic worth getting passionate about. :-) I just see samples of Flex or EXT-JS rich web UIs and what I see coming in from the Java side is years behind. So I am just asking if this new offering from JBoss addresses that gap in any way. That's all.
  7. About the product: The portal team has to build the portlet container for its own usage in JBoss Portal, it is the JBoss Portlet Container. We decided to do an effort to provide in front of the portlet container a simple portal (a few weeks of development) in order to make it a product usable in the condition I described before. Other standalone portlet containers provide a similar offering. About Flex/EXT-JS, that's your opinion and today most of people developping enterprise applications uses a more established frameworks such as JSF with Richfaces.
  8. First of all, well done! A couple of questions ... Can the container also run JSR-168 portlets?
    The goal of that lightweight portal is to provide developers with an easy way to showcase and test their portlet applications.
    Is a maven plugin planned? A plugin that downloaded the embedded container (when necessary), deployed your portlet app into it and launched it all would make testing even easier. Cheers, Derek
  9. yes JSR286 is backward compatible with JSR168. We don't have such a maven plugin but I think it's a good idea to trigger the portal lifecycle. Actually we have already a good support with Cargo for unit testing the portlet container, it could be used also to bootstrap the simple portal. Also if you run tomcat and you have maven setup for your portlets you can hot redeploy them easily. If you want to edit JSP pages of the portal, as the war is exploded you can edit the JSP files that you need or create new ones.