I'm having trouble determining how to map a hierarchy of an embedded class within a hierarchy of entities. I have a TripEntity class and a specialization of this entity, called a CommercialTripEntity. The TripEntity contains a class called Itinerary, that is annotated with @Embedded. There is a specialization of the Itinerary class called a CommercialItinerary. CommercialTripEntities therefore contain the specialization of the Itinerary class, CommercialItinerary. An example of this would be: @Embeddable @MappedSuperclass public class Itinerary { private Date launchDate; private int people; ... } @Entity public class TripEntity { @Embedded private Itinerary itinerary; ... } @Embeddable public class CommercialItinerary extends Itinerary { private String tourLeader; ... } @Entity public class CommercialTripEntity extends TripEntity { @Embedded private CommercialItinerary itinerary; ... } Using automatic schema creation of Hyperlink, this is created correctly however trying to persist an entity comes back with an “Wrong Data Type? error that seems to be from it trying to bind the wrong data to field in the database (e.g. a string to a int). Am I doing something wrong? Is this possible? Thanks.