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    Here's the basic infrastructure of the system that I've been tasked to reorganize: 1. core SOA (has persistence, transactions, web services, security) 2. various service modules (App A, App B, etc.) that talk to the core SOA - for example, this is where the DAO, BO, TO, persistence (hibernate) objects are. 3. client application (App A, App B, etc.) Currently, during the build process the core SOA (#1) and all the service modules (#2) are bundled together in a single ear file. The client applications each have their own war. All these files get deployed to a server running JBoss (we are using version 4.03, but I'm looking to upgrade it). I'd like to split up the large ear file (#1 and #2) into several ear files: -a single ear file for the core -a separate ear file for each service module (the service modules are supposedly independent of one another) The reason I want to do this is that if I update App B, I should only have to redeploy the service module and client app for App B. I shouldn't have to reploy the whole entire thing. My questions: -does it make sense to separate the core SOA and the various service modules into separate ear files? -if so, in JBoss, how do I ensure that the core SOA gets loaded before the various service modules? -is there anything you can think of off the top of your head that I should be careful thanks in advance!

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    We order the loading of ear files into jboss by putting numbers in front of the filenames: 100module.ear 200anothermodule.ear 300yetanother.ear etc.
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    thanks for the suggestion. That feels like such a hack to specify the load order by naming the ear files appropriately. There must be a way to specify dependencies of the ear files, right? thanks.
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    Hi; This Link probably answers your query.