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    What changes are in store for Spring 3.0 ? Nils Wlok writes about the central theme and changes that are expected in the popular Java framework, which include: RESTful Spring and no more backward compatibility with Java 1.4, among other changes. Read Nil's complete post: http://www.springify.com/archives/15

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    The M1 is now downloadable. Another post on the Xebia Blog written for french people: http://blog.xebia.fr/2008/10/08/spring-30-le-grand-nettoyage-du-printemps/ Google Translated version: http://translate.google.fr/translate?u=http://blog.xebia.fr/2008/10/08/spring-30-le-grand-nettoyage-du-printemps/&sl=fr&tl=en&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8
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    Hi I'm pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated area to Spring 3.0 resources at SpringHub.com. It is under Home > Tags > Tag: Spring 3.0. This section is being updated frequently. Please, feel free to submit Spring 3.0 web links to SpringHub.com. Please click here for a direct access: Spring 3.0 resources at SpringHub.com Enjoy! Slim Baltagi http://www.SpringHub.com
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    Hi, As the reference for Spring 3.0 is not out yet, do you know how I can get more information to use RESTful Web Services inside Spring 3.0? If so, how is it different than using other implementations of JSR 311 (e.g., Jersey) with Spring? thanks, Amir