After working with JSF for a while, I had a look at the JSF specs 2.0 draft. I was looking through section 1.2 (Specification Audience) and 1.2.1 (Page Authors) of JSF specs and I don't agree with this: "1.2.1 Page Authors A page author is primarily responsible for creating the user interface of a web application. He or she must be familiar with the markup and scripting languages (such as HTML and JavaScript) that are understood by the target client devices, as well as the rendering technology (such as JavaServer Pages) used to create dynamic content. Page authors are often focused on graphical design and human factors engineering, and are generally not familiar with programming languages such as Java or Visual Basic (although many page authors will have a basic understanding of client side scripting languages such as JavaScript)." I feel JSF technology don't target HTML/Javascript page authors/designers. Page authors/designers do not know what HTML (or if it's even HTML as JSF is a presentation-agnostic technology) is generated from a JSF component and they certainly do not write the Javascript code for these components. The only way this is going to work is these creative people use the GUI editor specially designed for JSF but they are very framework-specific (JBoss RichFaces, IBM JSF, etc) and I don't see that kind of tools right now in the market place at the moment.