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News: YourKit Java Profiler 7.5 released

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    YourKit, LLC announces the availability of YourKit Java Profiler 7.5 It can be downloaded at MOST NOTABLE CHANGES AND NEW FEATURES IN 7.5: ============================================= - CPU profiling: wall time configuration available in UI - CPU profiling: improved quality of sampling for programs which use java.util.concurrent blocking - J2EE profiling: easily enable profiling of a remote J2EE server with the help of a console version of J2EE integration wizard. - Memory profiling: it is now possible to open huge memory snapshots (1 Gb and bigger) on 32-bit machines. - Memory profiling: biggest objects are shown as a dominator tree instead of a plain list - Memory profiling: biggest objects are shown almost immediately - Memory profiling: retained size of individual objects is shown in object explorer, paths and incoming references views - Memory profiling: values of primitive types are available in non-HPROF snapshots too (requires Java 6 or newer; for Sun Java Java update 4 or newer is required) - Memory profiling: new allocation recording options: * record each N-th object * record objects of size more than X bytes - Memory profiling: allocation recording: multidimensional arrays are recorded as well - Memory profiling: to make UI more responsive, merged paths shown in slave views are not expanded automatically - Mac OS X 64-bit Java supported - Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" supported - UI: "File | Export to..." exports to CSV ("comma separated values") format and to plain text format, as well as to HTML - UI: export works in telemetry graphs as well (right-click graph to invoke a pop-up menu) - UI: in most views, filtering applies automatically as you type (no need to press Enter). - Memory snapshots loading improvements - Profiling on Java 7 is now supported - IDE integration: Eclipse 3.4 M7 supported - IDE integration: Eclipse: improved navigation to inner and anonymous classes - IDE integration: IDEA 8 (EAP) supported (tested with build 8280) - IDE integration: improved integration on 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux - J2EE integration: improved integration on 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux - Fixes in JRockit support - Overall stability and performance improvements See complete list of changes at Kindest regards, YourKit Team

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  2. Solid product[ Go to top ]

    I've been using YourKit for over a year now and it's a solid product. In the past, I used OptimizeIt, but yourkit is better. The best part is the eclipse integration.
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    hear hear
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    Is there any possibility of giving free copies to open source projects like Axis2 , if so that will be very useful. Even IntelJ Idea is a doing a great job doing free copies to open source developers.
  5. Yay, downloaded demo and it integrated with IntelliJ on first try and worked nicely. Could anyone having JProfiler give a comparison of features?
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    I have been using JProfiler for several years and have be very happy with it. Both YourKit and JProfiler have similar functionality and seem to leap frog each other with new features. For me, I picked JProfile because that's what IntelliJ recommended at the time.