New Article: JSR 286 Portlets: Action-scoped Request Attributes


News: New Article: JSR 286 Portlets: Action-scoped Request Attributes

  1. The Java Portlet Specification 2.0 final draft (JSR 286) makes it possible to create view objects after request processing, set them as request attributes and use the same for display purposes. You can carry over attributes outside of the scope of the action so that it can be used in the response, while letting the portlet container manage those attributes.. This article from Raj Radhakrishnan describes how. Read Article
  2. It's really nice article to understand the portlets concepts. Congrats Raj. keep doing great. -Baskaran Ramanathan
  3. Yes it is indeed a very good article. I learn a lot from that.
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    When the portlet specifications introduced the two independent phases of request processing (action, render), they created a gap of how to share data between the two logical halves. I've since been using my own home-built kludge, and have considered WebSphere Portal's IViewCommand feature. These have always been distasteful to me. Now they've finally filled the gap they created by specifying a new abstraction (action scope) to be supported by the container, rather than custom coding. It's about time!
  5. pin drop
  6. Don't beat a dead horse[ Go to top ]

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Portlets are a dead horse, stop beating it!
  7. The thing that struck me most about the portlet specifications was how much of it would've been nice for servlets, not just portlets. For exmaple, the very abstraction of action phase vs. render phase happens in most web applications. There are classes and patterns in Struts for doing this very thing. They also defined new configuration contexts, and are adding more. Unforunately, they tied these higher ideas to the portlet specifications. They would've been useful as a standard layer on top of servlets or even added to servles themselves.
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    Portlets are a dead horse, stop beating it!
    Good point. In the name of BABE, stop tormenting us with this 20th century tricks of cowboy hashas inside some silly classes that constructs a dead technology and dead ideas. Just listen and you're hear spells like 'Spring' and '.NET Web Parts' casting all over your ridiculous spec. I'm pretty sure that RoR guys have Protlet API link in their 'Humor' favourites... Dejan
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    It is a good article on portlet and simple to understand. - Vijay Ramalingam
  10. Nice Article and very well written on Action-scoped Request Attributes