Mojarra (the JSF RI) 2.0 EDR1 Released


News: Mojarra (the JSF RI) 2.0 EDR1 Released

  1. Mojarra (the JSF RI) 2.0 EDR1 Released (3 messages)

    The Mojarra team has released version 2.0 EDR1, which complies with the JavaServer Faces 2.0 Specification's Early Draft Review 1 release, which came out earlier this month. Among other things, the JSF 2 EDR spec includes the following new features: * Integrated support for resource management and resource re-location * Support for different project stages (dev, production, etc.) * A powerful new event system * Initial support for an Ajax API (for use by component vendors, for the most part) Download Mojarra 2.0 EDR and give us your feedback. You can also view and submit issues through the project for the specification itself.

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    I've noticed that only the "D" in the "Download" link actually works. Can you see about fixing it? Cheers, Jim
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    Must've been a browser issue...
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    I did not understood a simple thing : did Howard Lewis Ship (Tapestry) participate to those specs?