The new version of Squish has been improved in many areas. Squish is an automated GUI testing tool for Java, Web and Qt applications which utilizes several, open and popular scripting languages such as JavaScript, Python, Perl and Tcl for test scripting. Squish includes an event recorder, object spy and script debugger combined in a powerful IDE as well as command line tools for automated test execution. In version 3.4, the Java edition, which allowes testing Swing/AWT and SWT/Eclipse RCP applications, has been improved with Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) support and improved detection and interaction for many complex widgets. In addition a new Java extension API allowing to add dedicated support for custom controls and influence the record and replay behavior is available in Squish 3.4. For web testing support for recently released browsers has been added as well as recording has been improved. In general, the Squish IDE, which is used to develop and maintain test scrips, has been improved in many ways to make it easier to maintain your test scripts. This includes a wizard for creating data-driven tests, a "record at cursor" feature and more convenience in the object map editor. More details about Squish can be found at where you can also find details about the Squish 3.4 release and how to evaluate Squish for your own GUI test automation.