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    Hello, i'm not an english speaker so excuse me if i make somes mistakes. First of all, I want to run a classic java application which access ejbs. I run it into netbeans and it works fine but once i try in the console from the JAR archive that netbeans generated it won't work. I tried to pass javaee.jar and appserv-rt.jar libraries to the classpath like it was said in the glassfish FAQ but nothing happens. Just this error : Cannot instantiate ...(one of the class of the jndi.properties in appserv-rt.jar). The purpose for me is to distribute the application to people who aren't on the same machine. This problem raise another question : i tried to classpath glassfish libraries because the glassfish faq said to do this, but does it mean that wherever you will use your application client you will need to install glassfish to had the appserv-rt.jar librarie ? Thanks for your help and sorry for my language
  2. Hi Yannick, Since you're running a stand alone EJB Client few more steps you need to configure for it. I found this useful link below that might be helpful for you. https://glassfish.dev.java.net/javaee5/ejb/EJB_FAQ.html#StandaloneRemoteEJB For other questions regarding with Glassfish server you can find your answer from this website http://blogs.sun.com/quality -davis