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News: iScreen version 2.0.0 released

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    iScreen (found at is a Java object validation framework designed to validate entire object graphs. iScreen's philosophy is to maximize configuration and minimize coding. It does this through a powerful and flexibly XML configuration file. If your preference is validation through annotations, then iScreen isn't appropriate. However, if you need to do some complex validation and need the flexibility and power of simple inheritance, delegation, and conditionals across entire object graphs, then iScreen may fit your needs. This latest release adds the ability to associate a severity level with each failure. In addition, multiple messages can be associated with each failure. For example, you can group 'You did this wrong' with 'Do it this way' as two separate messages, but associated and available through the same failure. Better support for tracing the failure to where it occurs within the configuration file has been added. An additional conditional capability has been added to execute (or not execute) an individual validator. iScreen supports both OGNL and MVEL as expression languages in referencing individual object properties.
  2. I am sorry that I can not understand that what kind or problem(s) , you are trying to solve from the iScreen. Can you please explain bit more about that.
  3. Deepal This article of June 2008 issue of Visual Studio Magazine explains object validation quite well: It is good to see that the Java world has a whole framework for it (vs. hand-rolled approach in .NET as shown in the article). cheers romen